Cathy Bragg, Piano Artist

Cathy Bragg

Telephone:  602-330-8700


Cathy is a talented musician whose varied repertoire makes her easily adaptable to many events, from church music, conventions and recitals, restaurants and hotels, to weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and private parties in the Phoenix, AZ area. (See Brief Play List below).

She is the staff pianist for Arizona Community Church in Tempe, Arizona, playing for the Arizona Chorale, orchestra and band during the 8:30 and 9:50 services.


Piano Hymn Stylings

Piano Hymn Stylings

Piano Hymn Stylings by Cathy Bragg was released September 2015, featuring well known hymns of the faith with a variety of musical styles:

As Time Goes By Sold Out

As Time Goes By

Somewhere Sold Out



Cathy played piano for Nordstrom beginning in 1986, Canoga Park, California, and soon became Piano Manager there. In 1989 she became Piano Manager/pianist at Nordstrom, Brea, California, playing piano six hours a day and managing the piano department (hiring and overseeing the pianists) for 13 years. Leaving management, Cathy continued to play piano at six Nordstrom stores in the region on call until 2005.

While playing for Nordstrom, Cathy was in great demand all over So. California, 19 years, playing many hotels, weddings, conventions, corporate and private parties and church events. She was Staff Pianist at the Summit House Restaurant, 13 years, playing two nights a week (Fullerton, California). She also played for Rosa's Fine Italian Dining, 5 years (Ontario, California).

May 2005 Cathy moved to Phoenix, Arizona. She played the Scottsdale and Chandler Nordstrom through January 2009.

Currently, in addition to private and corporate engagements, Cathy is the church staff pianist for Arizona Community Church, (Tempe, Arizona), playing for a large choir, orchestra and band.

Brief Play List:


"Cathy Bragg has played the piano for the Summit House Restaurant consistently for 13 years. She has developed a very large fan base that come in to enjoy our food and her great piano style. She has a way of playing the piano that makes it seem effortless." - Mark Elliott, General Manager

"Cathy Bragg has been working at Rosa's for five years. Her playing abilities and style have been appreciated at Rosa's. She is a professional and has a charming style all of her own." - Rosa Pupillo, Owner-Manager

"A Crowd Pleaser. People crowd around Bragg to catch a glimpse of her delicate fingers cascade over the keys. Never missing a note, she takes the time to look up, smile and speak with a few customers." - Los Angeles Times - Our Times

For Additional Information, Call Cathy Bragg at 602-330-8700